Out There: Music Review | Mac DeMarco


Here Comes the Cowboy

Canadian indie darling Mac DeMarco’s newest album, Here Comes The Cowboy, drops May 10, and the first video single is just like Mac’s music: endearing, heartfelt, unique, and with a healthy smattering of bizarre.

Mac DeMarco is one of Canada’s most reputable independent musical exports. As a born and bred Western Canadian by way of Duncan, B.C. and Edmonton, his musical DNA is clearly born from country and western, but as a 21st century artist he’s done an admirable job of marrying those folksy roots to deeply exploratory sonic elements. It’s tough to imagine how many other artists could legitimately be categorized as “psychedelic country folk,” but DeMarco pulls off such a contradiction in terms with ease.

As it turns out, Mac’s next record is a full-throated embrace of his Alberta roots. “This one is my cowboy record,” an official statement said about Here Comes The Cowboy. The preview single delivers that, but in typical Mac DeMarco fashion, there’s a gutsy twist. The cowboy singing Nobody is some type of lizard man in a cowboy hat and bathrobe, like a surreal blend of The Big Lebowski and They Live.


The odd twist of the video matches the tune. The plunky guitar plods along in a pleasant, folksy fashion while a droning synth tone weaves in and out of the background to deliver slightly atonal, downtuned counterpoint. Vocally and lyrically, Mac himself is of course the glue that holds the entire strange display together - “Let it go\Cash it in\For the creature\On television” he says in a plaintive, calm delivery.

If the rest of Here Comes The Cowboy can match this first result of the latest from Mac DeMarco’s strange and wonderful brain, it looks like we’re all in for a treat.

You can pre-order the album here

Header photograph by Aaron Sinclair