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Our signature travelling carnival came about through the collaborative creative efforts of BassBus, Village Brewery and YYCFoodTrucks. We share many values: carefully crafted products; passion for arts; and most of all, community engagement. With these common threads in mind, Circle Carnival became a reflection of Calgary’s vibrant and inspiring local scene, as well as a gathering point for its wildly differing facets.

On one hand, Circle Carnival is an artistic spectacle featuring local and international bands, DJs, singer\songwriters, dancers, circus performers and performance artists.

On another hand, it is an aromatic, sun drenched celebration of the food, beer and merchants that spend their time and energy to provide delicious food, cold drinks, and happy memories to the citizens of our fair prairie town.

Circle Carnival provides Calgarians with a green, comfortable, dynamic and entertaining space to spend quality time away from the myriad screens and distractions of the 21st century. Circus school, bubble soccer, an adjacent off leash dog park, Lego Zone and a Floating Brass Band provide some quirky, carefree fun for every member of the family - even Fido.


19,000 visitors


What can you expect at Circle 2019? More wiener dogs? Check. More local craft food and beer? Check. A circus school for kids of all ages? Double check.

Yet another diverse collection of local and international musicians and dancers, scheduled on multiple different stages for 10 solid hours of non-stop, jam-packed fun and revelry in one compact location? Sure! Just don’t forget the wiener dogs.